The Year of the Millionaire Big Bizzneesss Conference 2019

The Year of the Millionaire Big Bizzneesss Conference 2019
04/28/2019 Ced

The Year of the Millionaire 2019

Showboat Atlantic City  ||  801 Boardwalk  ||  Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Yoo, welcome to the review from We Cool’n Enterprise LLC (this is Cedric CEO/teacher FlyTraders/Adabado BBQ directly on this one)  My team had other obligations and backed out on me at the last minute.  It was great keeping a low profile though, on site of the Big Bizzness “Year of the Millionaire” real Estate investors April 5th, 2019 Conference in Atlantic City.

If  “you’re holy than thou” or “have no personal character” you may want to stay away. . .

I met so many beautiful people, real raw professional hustlers from around the US.  I know you will get some good stuff out of this review.

Before we jump into the lineup, though, let’s take a sec to talk about you? What brought you here?  The appreciation well deserved for the Big Bizzness brand (Greg Parker owner).  The support staff of Big Bizness made things look seamless.  Hosting a conference is a lot of hard work. Here you will find the voices of the conference goers.



It was like a big family reunion.  The venue was family friendly, though the conference setup a lot of adult theme downtime events and the service staff seem a bit overwhelmed at times, as I observed some of the conference goers having unrealistic expectations & not providing tips for their service.

Being a Trader in the Stock Market for so many years I took other opportunities for granted.  Conferences make money off the people and give them fluff, so I usually stay away from them because they cost thousands of dollars and you get motivational speaker vice the meat of the information as they try to bait or up sale you.  Not, Big Bizzness, You can literally leave from the three-day event with the people in place to pull the trigger on your first deal and have the maintenance people in place to maintain your credit profile for 1/10 of the cost.








My clients at Flytraders are use to keeping a low profile because we teach them how to be independent with or without us.  What we teach them, you gone make it happen once informed.  Honestly that form of energy from @bigbizzneesss is what made me take a chance to attend and connect with them, He literally teach how I approach you guys. Greg Parker  is seasoned.  War tested as he shared the story of the biggest real estate Bear market in 08/09 in the history of this country.  He’s posed and a people person.  Over 1300 people attended.

Greg is so much of a people person, I recall dude (Greg) coming off stage walking around with the mic while other people were presenting.  (Now mind you I know no one at this event, and nobody knew me, so I didn’t have VIP treatment here.  I was just the blogger dude lol…)  As I was taking notes in the back on my phone, my head down I heard a voice say “You good, you need a seat, you straight” I slowly raised my head nonchalantly like “I’m good whoa”, I thought it was one of the staff members.  LOL it was Greg Praker, it caught me off-guard cause I look surprised and said “nan nan I’m good mang” with a smile I appreciate that as he asked the young lady next to me the same.  Speaking of young lady next to me.  The young lady next to me was pleasant treated me with respect.  I asked her for a few notes, as I would not catch everything being said and she shared them, as we stood in the back for hours by choice (: THANK YOU!  So shout out to Ayesha Bailey of Diamond Level Investors, hit us up at Flytraders we got you as you move along in your journey.   (: I sincerely respect dude (Greg Parker) for that.  Me being from New Orleans I connect with that real energy.










Quick notes of Presenters:




I’m only going to give a brief description from some of my notes because this is their business and don’t want to over share here.

Erick E.T Thomas (Guest Speaker) @etthehiphoppreacher

Greg Parker (Real Estate Expert) @bigbizzneesss

Leveraging your credit and creating a hedge/money wheel with real estate deals is the core take away for me.  Flytraders yall know the money wheel I teach you in our course and avoiding capital gains; Greg Parker do it with real estate and guess what? “it’s Real Estate (tangible)”

Danielle Nikki Parker (Finance Expert) @diamantefinancing

Mrs Parker finance company requirements for private business to business leading was different.  She shared whats needed and as we teach at Flytraders what’s your exit strategy, she hammered this point home.  (I swear I feel like I meet my long lost family as they were speaking the same things I teach, which is to be independent)

Cynekka Jones (Investment Expert) @neyiakandloracpropertygroup

Cicily Hawes (Construction Expert) @cicilyandassociates

Rhonesha Howerton (Credit Expert) @Maseratineesh







(Credit Medics) Gave intricate detail in regards to credit profile. You need her on your team.  A real advocate to single moms.  Peace and Blessings for the sacrifice she made to be there.  I’ll let her speak on that but that touched me ya dig.

Herman Dolce (Business Funding Expert) @haitian_ceo

(Getting business lines) intricate details.  Greg Parker mentioned something I had thought about for months.  If things go south guess who getting burnt on this one
(LOL) LLC set them up.  Thank you for that Candid interview with your crew on the board walk.











Brandyn Wims (Wholesale Expert) @bwims Thanks for sharing your story creating spreads and networking.

Jamila T Davis (Guest Speaker) @jamilatdavis

Mark Whitten and Valerie Scott (House Flipping Experts) @markflipshouses

 The spirit of Greg Parker Big Bizzness was placed on display when one young man found himself on his ass with nothing.  After dealing with other real estate companies and strategies.  Greg Parker took him in, helped him heal and may I repeat: asked for nothing.  Brought him up “ya dig” Respect to you young brother.  In conclusion, whether you buying, holding, the flipping, and the dipping lol, “HAVE AN EXIT STRATEGY”.  It’s so much more that can be written but it still wouldn’t do any justice for the actual experience of being there.   The network of Big BIZZNESS is necessary to work with no matter your market of business.  “Smooth Seas don’t make strong Sailors” This event is a Five Star event that you must attend as a business owner…………











Wallace Peeples (Guest Speaker) @Wallo267




Thank You brother for what you did for me in the lobby.  Just a ball of pure energy!! I honestly was expecting you to speak about yourself but you allow the universe to speak through you and spoke directly to me and gave my business a drop.  I was totally not expecting that whoa.  Thank you may God bless your family for 100 generations for that…





Other Vendor Interviews:

Adorned By Her
























I was able to establish a Sherwin Williams account exclusively through big Bizzneess.  Now with my company I’m able to get the discounted wholesale pricing.


















Great insight on the development portion.  Thanks for the information.  Speaking to them was eye opening.

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