Syncopated Ladies performed the Global Citizens Harlem

Syncopated Ladies performed the Global Citizens Harlem
09/27/2017 Ced
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Global Citizens Event Harlem, NY


We Cool’n Dj’s/ Fly Traders had the privilege to meet up with the syncopated ladies to speak about the significance of Dr. King beyond Vietnam speech 50 years.  The event was hosted by Global Citizens.  Maud provided the voice of passion after the performance.

Forgive our mic situation.  Our wireless went out on us.  It was a weird day lol…

Excuse the lighting of the video, and our wireless mic went out (lol)

Check out the Syncopated ladies youtube channel.


Their style appeal was proof in Sunday’s performance at Riverside Church in Harlem, NY Global Citizens, performing Rise up by Andra Day.  Syncopated ladies use art (tap dancing) to raise awareness for social cause.

Directed by Chloe Arnold, the Syncopated Ladies sought to reinstate tap to famous culture, and make it appropriate for Beyoncé fans (or Adele, Katy Perry or Rihanna whose melodies were similarly played) (Seibert, 2014).  Well guess what, now they have Juvenile and Curren$y (Jetlife) fans paying attention as well.

Syncopated Ladies is considered to be a Female Tap Dance Group from Los Angeles, CA formed by analytically hailed tap dancer and choreographer, The group formed in Washington, DC after learning from mythical choreographer Allen Debbie, Chloe & Maud has gone on to do live performance on phases around the world (Seibert, 2014). Syncopated Ladies’ modern viral film in tribute to Prince, several months’ before, their popular video covering the hit song of Beyoncé, Creation has gotten a global exposure with over 6000000 views online after Beyoncé shared the video on her website and Facebook (Seibert, 2014).

Feel free to donate to the ladies cause @DCTAP.  The corporate sponsors of Syncopated ladies include the Tap dance programs for adults, kids, teens as well as performance events, Miller & Ben Tap shoes, Nancy Chippendales, American Embassy of Dance, Groove, Broadway Dance Center, dancing fair company limited, American Tap dance foundation, my dance and Capezio, Groove competition (Chloe, 2016). All these play a significant role in this industry.


The Event

Global Citizen Breaking the Silence: Beyond the Dream @ The Riverside Church in Harlem. Riverside Church is where Dr. King gave his beyond Vietnam speech 50 years ago 9/17.  The experience for our team was so prophetic and necessary because the day before we attended the viewing of our friend the Great Dick Gregory who was close friends with Dr. king in which he held in highest regard of anyone he spoke of.  Dick Gregory also protested the war by walking the country and fasting drawing attention to the issues at hand.

The service was a brilliant intergenerational, interfaith program that rallied people from all walks of life to RISE UP and speak out on the injustices facing the world. Just as Dr. King did at The Riverside Church 50 years ago.

Breaking the Silence: Beyond the Dream   In attendance The Reverend Al Sharpton, Forest Whitaker, Ndaba Mandela, Soledad O’Brien, The Howard University Gospel Choir, Sir the Baptist, Joey Alexander, The String Orchestra of Brooklyn, Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Zeshan B, Royce Mann and the Syncopated Ladies.


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